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Saturday, 13 October 2012 11:54

Review: Spa at Bluebird luxury products

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You are probably aware that right now, we are definitely all about healthy, glowing skin and feeling great in time for the Christmas party season.

So, when the Spa at Bluebird in London sent me some luxury spa products including Kai body lotion, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about them!
Today, we are talking about Californian brand Kai and luxury toothpaste brand, Marvis.

Kai Body Lotion (£32)

Amassing a Hollywood following for their varied range of skincare products, I was excited to try Kai body lotion.

Clean and freshly packaged in green and white, the lotion is beautifully fragranced and has a perfect consistency.

For those that want to treat their skin to some luxury, Kai body lotion is the ultimate pamper product, packed full of natural ingredients.

When I started using Kai, I immediately felt and noticed a difference - it really does feel like skin has been layered with silk.

Perfect for the winter months ahead, Kai gives a sense of wellbeing with its cucumber extract and shea butter for extra moisture.

After a week of using Kai morning and night, skin felt softer and looked brighter too.

My mum also started using the body lotion and loves it so much I think I will find it hard to get it back!

Coming in a decent sized bottle, a little bit goes along way so it will last for ages.

Definitely a great product and if it is good enough for Oprah Winfrey, then it is good enough for us!

Perfect for a Christmas gift for that someone special who loves their luxury skincare.


Kai Deodorant (£22)

This deodorant, in true Kai style has lots of good ingredients including chamomile and vitamin e.

The Kai deodorant really does last all day, keeping you fresh and dry throughout which is great. A bonus is that

it leaves underarms intact and free from irritation, because it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Coming in a smooth gel form, it can be glided onto skin - a bit like a roll-on but better.

Leaving arms free from that horrid sticky feeling, users can also rest assure that no unsightly marks will appear on their

clothes as this deodorant is translucent. A great product for all ages, we recommend this highly.

Marvis Toothpaste (£12)

I really like this and believe it will be a Christmas party staple - especially for anyone wishing for a peck under the mistletoe!

Marvis are a luxury toothpaste brand specialising in all different flavours - a definite treat for your taste buds and indeed your teeth.

I have been using the Ginger Mint range which is immensely refreshing, but more importantly not overpowering.

After using this, teeth are left squeaky clean (yes literally) and sparkly, ready for a big night out.

I found this toothpaste non-abrasive and great for freshing up before heading out and will definitely continue to use it.

For more on these products, please visit The Spa at Bluebird, by clicking here 

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