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Reality star and businesswoman, Amy Childs has been busy lately with the opening of her beauty salon and celebrating the success of her online boutique.

Amy Childs

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The gorgeous Amy takes some time out of her busy schedule and lets CC Says delve into her make up bag.

What are your most important items in your make-up bag?

I love my foundation MAC Sculpt NC42.

What are your favourite brands of make-up to wear?

MAC and YSL are my faves!

Are you a lip gloss or lipstick girl? Or both?

Lip gloss definitely – I love it! Fake Bake actually do a really good lip gloss – people think they are just a tanning brand, but they do really good makeup too!

Why is make-up important to you?

I love looking glamourous I feel a lot better with make up on, I actually like applying make up as well. Looking good is so important, which is why I’ve brought out my own range of lashes, tan and hair vajazzles. High quality is also so important, my lashes for example are Lets Go Lashes by Nouveau Beauty Group – they really are the best brand so I’m so happy my lashes are the best quality possible. As a trained beautician make-up has always been a big part of my life – I even have my own beauty salon now!

Do you like to experiment with your look?

Yes i love natural sometimes & other times I love heavy make up - I really like different looks with my eyes though as eyes are such a focal point. Being from Essex I love my strip lashes!!

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

I absolutely love getting a pedicure - I love getting my feet done – especially at my own beauty salon in Essex! I also have an amazing anti-ageing facial in my salon called Nouveau A-Lift – it’s totally painless and keeps your skin on your face looking younger – it’s so important to look after your skin.

What is your everyday beauty routine?

I ALWAYS cleanse tone, moisturise and make sure I always moisturise my body. I also always make sure I put in my Sleep-In Rollers every night – they are PINK Velcro hair rollers – they are so comfy to sleep in and you wake up with your hair done! So good and saves me a lot of time!! I also think teeth are really important – I’m really lucky to have had fantastic veneers from The Hospital Group – their dental clinics are first class.

Can you share any of your beauty secrets or tips with CC Says?

Always put a primer under your skin so your make-up looks flawless. If you don’t have time to put all your makeup on make sure you have some big fashionable sunglasses to cover up – the brand GUESS are my fave!!

For all information on all of Amy’s favourite beauty products please see below – for all info on Amy Childs’ Beauty Products and Amy Childs’ Salon see

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