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07 June 2012 Written by 

Fake Bake CEO Sandra McClumpha

Fake Bake CEO Sandra McClumpha talks tanning and gives tips for success

We grab some time with the beautiful and inspirational Sandra McClumpha, who is CEO of international tanning brand, Fake Bake.

Training as a hairdresser and running her own successful beauty salon, Sandra was desperate to find a great fake tan that  would rival other market leaders.

Undertaking research and testing out different tans, Sandra fell in love with little known American brand Fake Bake.

She brought the product to the UK and turned the tan into one of the most used worldwide, which is also a firm celebrity favourite.

Educating people on safe tanning and the dangers of sunbeds was something that Sandra is fiercely passionate about. After losing her close friend, Donna Mortimer Ballantyne to skin cancer in 2011, the mum-of-two decided that she would help bring down the rates of skin cancer by teaching people to look after their skin.

The Save Your Skin campaign was launched and the highly successful Fake Bake Glitz and Glamour Ball followed. Thousands of pounds was raised at the star studded event for charity Raft (CC Says Charity of the Month). Celebrities including Peter Andre, Michelle Heaton and the cast of Desperate Scousewives attended the bash in Glasgow.

Sandra gives us an insight into the world of Fake Bake in our special interview.

Fake Bake recently hosted their first Glitz and Glamour Ball - can you tell us how this went?

Glitz and Glamour Ball was a huge success. Celebrities came from all over the UK for the event and all had a fantastic time here in Glasgow whilst raising awareness for a great cause.

Now I am being hassled for the next year’s date already!

The Save Your Skin campaign has really taken off, are you hoping this will save more people from contracting skin cancer because they will be more educated on safe tanning?

Skin Cancer is the most preventable cancer so if we can educate everyone from a young age hopefully protecting your skin will become second nature.

Can you tell us about some of Fake Bake's new products such as the 60 minute tan?

We have launched two new products this year, Fake Bake Sport and the 60 minute Tan. Sport has been designed to be applied daily to prolong your tan in between applications or build a healthy daily glow.

60 minutes our fastest developing tan that is very unique. Not only can you have a healthy golden glow in 60 minutes but whilst you shower your colour guide off the water will activate the secret ingredient that will continue your tan to darken even after you are dressed.

Could you pick out any Fake Bake products which you would say are your favourites?

I really have a cocktail of Fake Bake products in my bathroom, anti ageing Face tanner for underneath my make up when I feel pale, Flawless or Original when I have time to tan, 60 minute when I don’t and Sport is in my Gym bag I use as a moisturiser to keep my tan all year round.

You are an inspiration to many women out there because you have made such a fantastic success of your business - what advice would you give to aspiring businesswomen out there?

Keep working hard and don’t lose focus. Set yourself achievable goals and don’t beat yourself up if you get things wrongs. Surround yourself with people that know the things that you don’t and don’t be afraid to ask for advice of help.

Do you have any role models that you would say you look up to?

I am asked this question a lot and there are role models all around me in my day to day life. My Mother and sister, very driven strong females who have worked hard and raised children

At the same time. My friend Donna Mortimer  Ballantyne who died last year of skin Cancer, I have never met a stronger female who lived longer than anyone ever thought for the sake of her children.

Women everywhere who can make a success of their life whilst raising a family without feeling guilty will always be my inspiration.

What can we expect from Fake Bake in 2012?

More new products and more lots more events. We will be in stores and salon throughout the year advising on which products suit your skin type and how to apply the perfect tan, the two questions we get asked every day!


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