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05 November 2012 Written by 

Interview: Geordie Shore stars Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio speak to CC Says

Just one day before the start of the new series of Geordie Shore, the programme's lovebirds Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio talk to CC Says about their wedding plans, the show and even give me some tips for my big day!

Vicky and Ricci met on the set of the hit MTV show and whilst filming scenes in Mexico, Ricci popped the question.

Series 4 of Geordie Shore kicks off on Tuesday November 6 at 10pm on MTV - tune in everyone! 



What have you been up to recently? 

"Professionally I've been pretty busy recently.. We've been promoting series four of Geordie Shore which has meant lots of incredible photoshoots and interviews! And of course we've had our exciting move to Can Management! But the most time consuming and amazing thing has got to be our engagement party - It’s taken us about five months to plan and was just perfect! Alice in Wonderland themed, huge five-tiered cake, photobooth, sweetie cart -the lot!! Everyone had the best night ever!"
Have you been busy wedding planning? 

"We've literally just had our engagement party and it was such a mammoth task trying to plan that.. It has definitely scared me off planning a wedding for a while - well at least a couple months!"
Do you have in mind what kind of wedding you will have? 

"I'm very particular and I know for a fact I'm going to be a complete Bridezilla! 

"I want a beautiful white wedding with all the trimmings. Incredibly Ostentatious but not tacky or overboard - just enough so it’s extravagant and the best wedding anyone has ever been to! I don't ask for much do I?"
And Vicky's advice for my big day? 

"Get an entire team of people to help you plan it! Don't just have one wedding planner.. Get 10! 

"The less you have to think about, the better! If my engagement party taught me anything it’s that things like this are so stressful and all of your guests will want a piece of you and your partner.. "But the important thing to remember is that the day is really for you two - no one else! So relax and take that time to savour the moment with each other and spend time together as that what's really important!"
Are you enjoying being on Geordie Shore? 

"Geordie Shore is wild.. Its full-on, in your face madness for six weeks while we're filming and it can get a little exhausting! But it’s fun and the opportunities it’s given us have been once in a lifetime! Not to mention, it’s how we met.. So I definitely owe it a lot!!"
Tell us a wee bit about your routine for getting ready for a big night out..

"Facial 3 days before, eyebrows waxed and tinted two days before, nails, toes and spray tan the day before.

"Gym the morning of, then hair blow dried and then all that's left to do is my make-up and put my clothes on!! Nice and Simple eh?!"
What are your make up essentials? 

"Mac Studio fix Powder is always in my handbag! As is a little tub of Carmex. I must buy one every time I'm in Boots, there is one in every handbag I own – but they're amazing!"
When you aren't working, how do you like to chill out? 

"Ricci and I are on a real fitness kick at the moment so we're spending a lot of time at the gym. We're also hitting the pool and Sauna after for a bit of R&R! 

"We like going for nice meals out and to the cinema. I'm a complete film fanatic- just not scary ones.. I am a major girl!"


What has been keeping you busy at the moment?

"Series 4 is about to come out so we've been doing loads of interviews and photoshoots and press for that.

"I have also been training a lot- I've just started working out with a new trainer to stay in the best condition. I don't get a lot of time to train when we're filming so it’s important to work hard when we're not!"
Any wedding news to tell us?!
"Haha well we've just had our engagement party and that took quite a long time to plan and organise and its mad how stressful it was, so I think we won't be planning it anytime soon, but you never know!"
Have you set a date yet? 
 "2014…. That's as far as we've got, we just have a lot going on at the minute and planning our engagement just showed us how hard it was to organise and sort things out. 

"We're both perfectionists and we won't be happy if everything isn't just right so I think that should give us enough time to sort everything out!"

Who will be doing the wedding planning?

"To be honest, I think vicky will be doing a lot of the planning and she will want a big, over the top wedding! But I trust her, she's got great taste.. Afterall she's going out with me! "
And Ricci's wedding day advice to CC Says?
"Just try not to worry about anything and enjoy the best day of your life. It’s about you two at the end of the day!!"
Are you enjoying being on Geordie Shore? 
Geordie Shore has been an amazing experience for me- how many people just get to have a laugh and go out with their mates for their job! It’s incredible! Also I met the love of my life.. So I'll definitely never knock it!
 Like your lovely fiance, do you have a routine for a big night out?
 "Well, this could take a while.... I always stick to the same routine no matter what if I'm having a night out! The whole day runs like clockwork! Start by going to the gym in the morning, in the afternoon definitely get a tan,  then back home to have a shower, shave and sort out what I'm going to be looking good in. I always do my hair then finally put my fresh top on, spray my aftershave then I'm all good to go."

Any make-up essentials Ricci?

"Errrrrm… Keep this one quite but a little bronzer"
When you aren't working, how do you like to chill out? 
"Definitely getting down to Blockbuster, picking up three dvds, popcorn etc the whole works and spooning all day with vicks. Heaven!";gclid=CIPhhtb0t7MCFbMbtAod6nkAgA 


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